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Fully automated Forex Trading.

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We create fully computerized systems so you can focus on your business. You don’t need any expertise or experience in Forex Trading

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Forex Explosion

This example shows the effect of compounding if this package generates for example 15% average monthly for 24 months WITHOUT withdrawing any funds. This is not guaranteed! 


Risk Warning: Leveraged products involve a high level of risk. You should ensure that you understand the risks involved and that you can afford the possible risk of losing all your money. Seek independent advise if necessary.

Not guaranteed! Example!


Month 1: 1.725,00$

Month 2: 1.983,75$

Month 3: 2.281,31$

Month 4: 2.623,51$

Month 5: 3.017,04$

Month 6: 3.469,60$

Month 7: 3.990,04$

Month 8: 4.588,54$

Month 9: 5.276,82$

Month 10: 6.068,35$

Month11: 6.978,60$

Month 12: 8.025,39$

Forex Explosion

Example, not guaranteed


Month 13: 9.229,19$

Month 14: 10.613,57$

Month 15: 12.205,61$

Month 16: 14.036,45$

Month 17: 16.141,92$

Month 18: 18.563,21$

Month 19: 21.347,69$

Month 20: 24.549,84$

Month 21: 28.232,32$

Month 22: 32.467,16$

Month 23: 37.337,24$

Month 24: 42.937,82$

Forex Explosion

fully automated done by professionals just for you

Forex Explosion

Forex Explosion is using highly reputable Pro Traders from Germany and other parts Europe for the fully automated Forex product.

You don’t need any expertise or experience in Forex Trading, no MT4 or similar Software needed.             

Marvelous commissions can be earned for referral of the Forex Explosion product.




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